The Armenian
  TV Station in the
  East Cost USA

Ardzagang, the first Armenian Television Station, and the only one in the New York metropolitan area, began broadcasting on April 3, 1996. In its early stages, Ardzagang T.V., a non- profit organization, made great advances largely because of the perseverance and dedicated effort of two outstanding professional artists from Armenia, Ara Manoukian and Karine Kocharian.

Ardzagang Armenian Television was founded as an independent television station with the ultimate goal of straightening the links between mother Armenia and Diaspora.

The one hour program broadcasts detailed and accurate information on many subjects and serves as a means to:

  • Disseminate local and international news about Armenia and  the Diaspora.

  • Preserve Armenian national identity, language, culture and tradition.

  • Focus on issues of public interest including educational, economics, religious, political and business developments in the Diaspora and Armenia.

  • Interview important Armenian religious, political and business leaders in the Diaspora and abroad whose contributions have made a difference in the lives of Armenians everywhere

  • Provide and accurate and unique record of Armenian activities in Eastern United States, a valuable source of information for future generations. (Ardzagang Archives)

Presently, Ardzagang T.V.ís broadcasting schedule includes over 100,000 viewers in the tri state area  and many thousands more in Los Angeles. Selected programs are aired in Canada and Armenia.

Many well known community leaders and the audience at large  have wholeheartedly supported Ardzagang T.V., the only Armenian Television Station in New York and Metropolitan area, by taking an active part in shaping its future growth and success.



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